WELCOME to Dr.Goya Análisis Laboratory


imagenWhat you will see at this website, is an accurate reflection of what this Laboratory offers its customers. Here you will find a multitude of laboratory tests andtheir usefulness, job profiles, laws related to these assays, online training and even predictive mathematical modeling.

However, all this would be just in the title if it were not "impregnated" bythe philosophy that represents the soul of this laboratory, which is none other than the will of HELPFUL SERVICE, RELIABILITY AND COMMITMENT with the customer, whether an individual, a community or a company.

There are few people who understand that laboratories professionalism is generallylost due to the "industrialization" experienced in many of itsfields. Against that assumption, our laboratory professionals, involved incontinuous education, believe that access to the latest technology and agilityin the issuance of reports, are not at odds with quality analysis, personalized service and customer solutions.


We are a PROXIMITY LABORATORY with over 35 years of experience, close to the people or company that demands our cooperation, but in turn committed to quality and useful service inperformance, time and cost.


So now please turn the page and enjoy our website. If you do not find what you are looking for, do not hesitate to ask, because we will surely find the way to co-operatewith you.